An Indefinite Terrain

A confrontation of a man with the speeding uprise of technology and existing in the sarcastic post-postmodern world has led to the condition when one no longer finds it bearable to exist in the society overpowered by the hyper-real. With the explosion of digital media, one finds it hard to relate back to their own body, land, nature.
A longing for not the past, but the times when mind, body, and nature weren’t in mutually abusive relationships has crystalized in the very essence of this exhibition. By relating on natural materials and strong storytelling the selected artists attempt to claim back what’s theirs – the physicality of their body; the authenticity of their touch, breath, brushstroke; the utter connection to planet Earth and earthly beings. Participating artists Brigitte Louter
Emma van Noort
Debbie Young
Gijsje Heemskerk
Iliada Charalambous
Katerina Sidorova Doors open:
Friday 19.04 19:00-22:00
Saturday 12:00-17:00
Sunday 12:00-17:00 The exhibition is made possible with the kind support of Stroom Den Haag. Graphic design




Brigitte Louter, Emma van Noort, Debbie Young, Gijsje Heemskerk, Iliada Charalambous, Katerina Sidorova

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