Back to Normal // Trixie x U10 Art Space

We are happy to announce that we are taking part in BACK TO NORMAL, a collaborative and international exhibition + network event initiated by Alternative Art Guide and Artist Run Network Europe (ARNE). Three group exhibitions bringing artists and artist initiatives from around the world will open on Friday 1st of July at Quartair, Billytown and Trixie!

This project is loosely based on the idea of normality after the pandemic, and now also challenged by the war in Ukraine. Is an artist-run space only a presentation and production hub, or do we need to reconceive what we are doing? Do we have to stop at our pace more regularly and engage in self-reflection? And, should we not rather move forward than to go back to the normal? 

There are four artist-run spaces from The Hague that are part of this project: @hgtomi_rosa, @quartair , @trixie_thehague and @_billytown. Each of them pairs up with one artist-run space from Europe and one from outside of Europe, to form a collective of sorts and present 24 invited artists from all 12 spaces. 

Trixie partnered up with artists from U10 Art Space in Belgrade, Serbia and we are happy to present the works of seven artist in the upcoming exhibition. Participating artist: Thijs Jaeger (Trixie), Jonas Raps (Trixie), Iva Kuzmanović (U10), Marija Šević (U10), Nina Ivanović (U10), Nemanja Nikolić (U10) and Lidija Delić (U10)



Other participating artist organisations are:, @c5cnm, Artisterium, @flux_factory, @ma__project_,

Graphic design: @kexin_hao

Back to Normal is part of The Hague Contemporary (@thehaguecontemporary) Art Weekend 2022

Back to Normal is supported by: Stroom Den Haag, ARNE, Creative Europe, Municipality of The Hague




Thijs Jaeger, Jonas Raps, Sheila Chukwulozie, Iva Kuzmanović, Nina Ivanović, Marija Šević, Nemanja NIkolić, Lidija Delić

Organised by

Katarina Petrović

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