Collective Futures – Chapter I: “In the palm of our hands”

“In the palm of our hands” is a mediation into the possibilities of coexistence in the present and future captured through the contributions of Armando D. Cosmos (GB), Þórður Hans (IS), Maria Chiara Ziosi (IT), Lili Huston-Herterich (US/CA) and Liminal Vision (NL/FI). Within their works, they challenge our understanding of the current and invite us to explore what the future of human-to-human collaboration could look like. As the first chapter of Trixie’s year-long exploration into the possibilities, challenges and opportunities of our planetary future, “in the palm of our hands,” invites us to look into an introspection of how we, as humans, live together today and how we might in the future. 

In a time when the marks of the Anthropocene scar our environments more than ever before, we find ourselves in a world of geopolitical tensions and systematic injustice where prevailing economic, societal, and political frameworks falter in providing solutions. And in the midst of the next once-in-a-lifetime crisis, we cannot help but wonder how we can change. In a world so strongly shaped by human agency, the imperative is clear: we must cultivate collective growth, fostering symbiosis among ourselves, our environment, and our surroundings. This requires a fundamental shift in our values, priorities, and modes of interaction. It calls for a renewed commitment to collaboration, empathy, and solidarity, recognising that our destinies are inextricably intertwined and that the flourishing of one necessitates the thriving of all.

While the saying “In the palm of your hands”  is used today to describe that one has control over his environment or oneself, palm reading is at the same time a traditional way of fortune-telling. Following this duality of fate and agency, the exhibition aims to open a conversation into human collaboration by traversing scales, from the cosmic to the intimate, exploring contemporary communities’ contours, complexities, and potential for transformation. By bringing together the personal with the political, the here with the there, and the now with the soon, the artists “In the palm of our hands” materialise, that as challenging and hopeless as the current times might seem, the only way to overcome them is to work together and understand each other. 

About Collective Futures: 

Collective Futures is guiding Trixie’s program throughout 2024 and evolves from considerations arising within the studio collective to interrogate more broadly the principles of collaboration and collective understanding. How can humans live better together for the benefit of all? How can interspecies understanding and more-than-human perspectives attend to the current ecological crisis? How can we come to terms with and even collaborate with emerging technological developments and post-human understandings? To overcome the challenges of our time and move towards a more just future, we have to work together. 

Following this vision, Collective Futures creates space to tell the stories of alternative futures and critical reflections on the present through the voices of emerging and renowned artists. In a time when artistic voices are often overlooked in the societal and political decision-making processes, the program offers a space to reconsider and give space to collaborative storytelling by holistically understanding our times’ challenges and offering alternative solutions for the future through artistic research and transdisciplinary making. 


Friday, Saturday, Sunday
From 13:00 – 19:00h
OCT.16 Feb – 24 Mar




Lili Huston-Herterich (US/CA) Armando D. Cosmos (GB) Þórður Hans (IS),  Maria Chiara Ziosi(IT), Liminal Vision (NL/FI)

Curated by

Yannik Güldner

Organised by



Ariane Toussaint