cOsMiC eXpAnSiOn // Carmen Dusmet Carrasco

We are pleased to announce Carmen Dusmet Carrasco first solo presentation cOsMiC eXpAnSiOn as our final instalment of our program From Dawn to Dusk.


The exhibition will be on view from the 26th till 28th of May, 13:00 – 19:00h
Opening on Friday, 26th of May, from 18:00 at Trixie, Scheldestraat 1, The Hague.


What do you hear when you dream, fear, or hope?
With “cOsMiC eXpAnSiOn” Carmen Dusmet Carrasco reflects on the notion of the inner voice in moments of uncertainty and its often contradicting and confronting nature. With her first solo presentation at Trixie, Carmen aims to understand meaning-making systems through the proposition of existential questions through time-based media.
During the exhibition, Carmen will exhibit two works that explore her ongoing research on inner voice language and relatable symbols such as the mother figure, voices in our heads, and mirrors to create resonant spaces. Together, they create a gaze of auto-biographical and fictional narratives that trigger a dialogue between different head spaces emerging from similar interior-world dreams.
“cOsMiC eXpAnSiOn” allows this dialogue to manifest itself in the physical through an immersive composition in which the female voices of the sonic piece “Borrowed Voices” and her latest film “Wrecked by Success” collide with one another to understand the confronting moment of failure and mortality. While ultimately reflecting Carmen’s interior world, in the context of her increasingly auto-biographical output, “cOsMiC eXpAnSiOn” echoes a political voice residing in an individual’s inner workings.


Carmen Dusmet Carrasco is a time-based media artist working with video, audio, and text. Her practice draws on the fields of Psychology and other theoretical research to understand and interpret the complexities of lived experience. At the core of her work lies an auto-theoretical approach, exploring personal experiences characterized by uncertainty and the nuances of generating meaning through unreliable tools such as language, memory, and dreams.


Dawn till Dusk is the overarching theme of Trixie’s May program. Within this triptych of exhibitions, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Helmi Nieminen & Milou van Vlijmen and Carmen Roca Igual will present their latest creations over the course of three weekends in the format of solo and duo presentations. Throughout the program, the artists invite us to enter their interpretations of reality by guiding us through their personal and political experiences. From creating spaces of intimacy in the first beams of the sun to questioning self-value in post-digital times to confronting moments of uncertainty in the darkest hours of the night, each show will transform Trixie’s gallery into a new world. Dawn till Dusk is held together by the artist’s ability to offer a space for reflection and understanding oneself.




Carmen Dusmet Carrasco

Curated by

Yannik Güldner

Organised by

Trixie The Hague