Like Glue


Like a bull in a china shop, things break around them when they move. Deep-seated societal structures of order render them in orderly — anomalies — as they become monsters in the meeting with normative hallucinations. Is the bull misplaced in the china shop? Or are the stringent isles of the china shop too narrow, accommodating only to a certain figure? As we bump into the world, at times intentionally and oblivious at others, we wish to understand how to live, survive and succeed when searching for happiness becomes learning to walk the thin line between conforming and obstructing. All we want is to swim, but all we do is break waves. The artists wish to create an experience in a space, where through various media we question the at times painfully surreal grey areas of living on the border of the socially acceptable — of being deemed wrong in a system of rights.




Oscar Juul-Sørensen, Kristoffer Zeiner, Silke Xenia Juul

Curated by

Beng Yuenyong

Organised by



Marta Capilla

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