Newborns // Salves van der Gronde, Suzanne Plomp, Jeremi Biziuk, Siem Beets

On Friday 3rd of March we have the pleasure to invite you to our next opening of the year.
This time a group of emerging makers is taking over our gallery space to present you: NEWBORNS.

The opening will take place on the 3rd of March, doors are open from 17:00 onwards.
The show will be on display until the 12th of March. Gallery hours: Fri. to Sun. 13:00—19:00h or by appointment.

Salves van der Gronde, Suzanne Plomp, Jeremi Biziuk, and Siem Beets are emerging artists, who are busy with creating otherworldly images, sculptures, digital works and sounds, birthed from their contagious ideas and shaping them into grotesquely intriguing objects residing in the “real”. Submerging themselves into works reflecting their vision, they create a world which seems off, yet with underlying reasons for feeling as such.

Escaping doesn’t necessarily mean turning away in fear, it can also be a procreative choice which allows one to submerge themselves fully into what they feel as theirs. Creating a world out of one’s mind can be a practice of imagining and realising a setting born out of the contemporary strains and shackles, one that indulges the maker into their own fantasies which can be transcribed into tactile solutions and proposals for discussion, contextualisation and wonder. In the world of fiction, the audience is asked to participate in maintaining the existence of it by remaining within the suspension of disbelief.
This reciprocatory relation can be felt strong in works which fictionalise image and text through representation. In case of material based works, this exchange between the audience and the artist comes one step forward, where the fiction becomes physical, tactile, materialised and experienced in the present, in the space, as is.
The birth of fiction into the “real” blurred the boundary of what it means to imagine, to fictionalise, and whether these intrusions into reality can still be regarded as purely fictional, or a possibility to conceptualise a different current.

With works by:
Siem Beets (@siemstiib)
Salves van der Gronde (@drow.knight)
Jeremi Biziuk (@bye.jer)
Suzanne Plomp (@suzanneplomp)

Text: Jeremi Biziuk
Graphic design: Kin Mun (@our.kinship)
The exhibition is kindly supported by Stroom Den Haag.




Salves van der Gronde, Suzanne Plomp, Jeremi Biziuk, Siem Beets