Nice Flaps presents: “Moss Opera” by Leonie Brandner & Nina Guo

Nice Flaps presents: “Moss Opera” by Leonie Brandner & Nina Guo
An evening of life drawing, hosted by Trixie.

April 26

Niceflap and Trixie are thrilled to present a new work by Leonie Brandner & Nina Guo, which will set the stage for a 2-hour drawing session. Moss Opera is a live performance inside an installation – it is a world shaped from moss physically, sonically, and metaphorically. The life model will pose amongst sculptures made of ceramic, papier mache & helium balloons, responding to snippets of soundscape developed by Leonie & Nina. The research that has inspired “Moss Opera” stretches from contemporary science, ethnobotanical knowledge, and historical references that inform Leonie & Nina’s careful examination and experience of moss itself.

Niceflap is an experimental life drawing session happening in the Hague and hosted by Anne-Marie Wadlow and Alejandra Lopez. Nomadic by nature, they like to move their drawing sessions between various locations in the city, collaborating with other art-run initiatives and spaces.

This session is part of a new program developed by the experimental drawing group, where they invite local artists to use the framework of a life drawing session to exhibit new work. This is an opportunity to test out work in progress and invite an audience to interact with art in a different way. 

Here is a small introduction to the two artists exhibiting their work during this session:

Leonie Brandner is a sculptor who makes objects out of everyday materials. She stitches, she sings and she writes poems. Leonie is interested in material narratives, how things hold stories, and how materials are tied up in narrative experience. She is invested in dreams and wishful thinking, functionality, and feeling like a necessary part of a system. In short – she is interested in belonging. Her work is influenced by botany, feminist practices, stories that are handed down from one generation to the next, and a deep ecological concern for the care we return to our environment.

Nina Guo is a classically trained high soprano who specializes in contemporary and experimental music performance. Her practice is driven by a desire to collaborate with different kinds of artists to gain a diverse perspective on sound. As a vocal collaborator, Nina invests equal effort in the process of making new pieces and the resulting performance, believing firmly that openness and generosity to experimentation lead to palpable differences in what we can make and how audiences experience sound.

Design by: Clara Lezla




Leonie Brandner, Nina Guo, Anne-Marie Wadlow and Alejandra Lopez

Curated by

Nice Flap

Organised by

Trixie The Hague


Eline Benjaminsen