The Idiots

You are welcome to come and see four idiots at Trixie on Friday the 25th of January 18:00 – 22:00. Idiots brought together by Jan Dirk Adams: Alex Vebber Jiří Pitrmulc Daniele Formica Nik Magris Think about Dostoevsky’s Idiot and the Idiots of Lars Von Trier. When thinking about the work of the Idiots exhibiting in Trixie, the viewer is often confronted with what seems to be a ‘pseudo logic’: decisions seem to be based on inimitable connections between things most people would call un-noteworthy. They are seriously engaged with subjects that are laughable, obscure, and banal at the same time. Tiny anecdotes or experiences can lead to intense immersion. This is where the idea of the idiot comes into play. At first glance, the viewer might feel somewhat divorced from understanding, or might even feel endeared. But like the people surrounding Dostoevsky’s idiot, when more attention is given, it becomes apparent that the things that seemed to be ‘of the idiot’ are actually of everyone.




Alex Vebber, Jiří Pitrmulc, Daniele Formica, Nik Magris

Curated by

Jan Dirk Adams

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