WINDOW ❤️ LAB 1.3 // Soyun Park & Joeri Woudstra

Window ♥ Lab 1.3
17.03.21 – 27.03.21
@ TRIXIE The Hague
Scheldestraat 1-11,
2515 TA Den Haag


WINDOW <3 LAB 1.3 // Soyun x Joeri

We are continuing our WINDOW <3 LAB series at TRIXIE with work from Soyun Park and Joeri Woudstra. This series began in December 2020 as a way of exploring alternative gallery show formats and working methods during the current pandemic. These experimental setups will present current work & research in a ‘corona proof’ way, creating dialogues between the members of TRIXIE.

WINDOW <3 LAB is fully viewable from the street. We welcome you to take a walk and/or to contact us for a private viewing.

Soyun Park

The City of Deconstruction
The City of Deconstruction is a short, experimental video clip from Soyun Park’s upcoming short film, in collaboration with South Korean sound artist Inwoo Jung and writer Yerim Ki. It is an imaginary city created with collected 3D buildings from Google Maps, reconstructed, destroyed and folded. This film will be a systematic study consisting of fragmented memories that we would face through humanity transferred by the anthropomorphised space.

Joeri Woudstra

Deconstructed Club
In this installation, Woudstra retrospects his ongoing practice of making CNC milled modular cardboard sculptures over the past years. The objects explore the tactility of the everyday material in contrast with the digital nature of the silhouettes displayed. Over the years Woudstra has collected all of the pieces of this series in his Trixie studio where half of the work, due to leakage, got destroyed never to be exhibited again, until now. For a short period, the Trixie gallery becomes the backdrop for the remainders of the fragile pieces of work that it once housed. All life-sized jigsaw pieces have been exhibited before, but not in the same space. Now they’re shown deconstructed in TRIXIE to form new compositions, emphasising the modular essence of the works.

WINDOW <3 LAB is a series of window-based exhibitions at TRIXIE, The Hague running from December 2020 through the beginning of 2021. Created as a dialogue between the members of TRIXIE, these experimental setups will present current work & research in a ‘corona proof’ way. Fully available to view from the street, we welcome you to take a walk outside or contact us for a private viewing.




Soyun Park, Joeri Woudstra

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Marta Capilla