WINDOW ❤️ LAB 1.1 // Nele Brökelmann & Eden Latham


16/01/2021 – 07/02/2021

WINDOW ❤️ LAB // Nele x Eden

We are continuing our Window ♥ Lab series at TRIXIE with work from Nele Brökelmann and Eden Latham. This series began in December 2020 as a way of exploring alternative gallery show formats and ways of working during the current pandemic.


Nele Brökelmann
Platform / Unstable Ground
The two videos Platform and Unstable Ground are part of Nele Brökelmann’s ongoing research. The videos are an experimental way to get in touch with the materiality of her conceptual research and explore the different perspectives she cannot reach through writing. Nele started this video series during her research residency at Witte Rook in Breda, which was made possible with the support of Stroom Den Haag.

Nele Brökelmann (NL/DE) is an artist who is deeply intrigued by the human need for structures of meaning. She is investigating the mechanisms of institutionalized belief and power structures and the opposition of active and passive roles within societies. Her work consists of different narrative forms – such as situations, text and video – with the aim to learn more about the interdependencies between different actors within the existing power structures.


Eden Latham
For the window lab, Eden Latham presents a series of experimental studies of our everyday materiality. Strongly inspired by the seemingly illogical juxtaposition of mundanity and mental disorders, the works are ongoing research into this imbalance. Due to its organic state, the work has the potential to infinitely change form.

Eden Latham (NL/UK) works with fondness for organic structures and textures, growth and atrophy. She asks what lurks beneath the surface in peaceful residential neighbourhoods? How do domestic tragedies reveal themselves to inanimate objects? Often referencing the body and its residues directly, these themes coalesce in a scene that proposes a slumbering decay and disconcerting absence. 



WINDOW ❤️ LAB is a series of window-based exhibitions created as a dialogue between the members of TRIXIE. The works are fully available to view and interact with from the street.




Nele Brökelmann and Eden Latham

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