WINDOW ❤️ LAB 1.0 // Katarina Petrović & Sophia Bulgakova


18/12 – 01/01/2021

WINDOW ❤️ LAB 1.0 // Sophia x Katarina
a collaborative work by Sophia Bulgakova and Katarina Petrović in the windows of TRIXIE.


Sophia Bulgakova
OBVIOUSLY RED // ACCIDENTLY PURPLE is a colour light composition developed specifically for TRIXIE The Hague. It is a continuation of Sophia’s colour perception research, focusing on individual abilities and ways of seeing. In this work she is focusing on alteration of the physical space using colour, thereby shifting our understanding of personal and public domain. The light here as a tool for the transformation of reality. 

Sophia Bulgakova is a Ukrainian artscientist working on the intersection between art, technology and society with a particular focus on the relationship between light, perception and imagination. 


Katarina Petrović
NEGATIVE POETRY : Machine Algorithm is a custom made software that translates the Bible into its negative using the database of the Oxford English Dictionary. Negative Poetry is current research and work in progress by Katarina Petrovic exploring the possibility of approaching zero through language. The work centers around the entanglement of matter and meaning by focusing on the intriguing and paradoxical concept of zero – that which is both something and nothing at the same time. It is an experiment in language, part of an ongoing research into creative processes, language and the concept of origin. Software written by Miloš Grujić.

Katarina Petrović [NL/RS] is an artist and researcher working at the intersections of art, science and philosophy using media such as language, code, sound and drawings.



WINDOW ❤️ LAB is a series of window-based exhibitions created as a dialogue between the members of TRIXIE. The works are fully available to view and interact with from the street.




Sophia Bulgakova and Katarina Petrović

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Marta Capilla

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