!POSTPONED Workshop: A Slice Of Cake // 3D Printing with Beng Yuenyong & Thijs Jaeger


We are happy to announce a Slice Of Cake “A 3D Printing Workshop”!

Beng Yuenyong (@b3ng3l3ng) and Thijs Jaeger (@tpik__________shakur) are both artists that use additive manufacturing in their works. In this two day workshop, they will teach participants the skills necessary to start modelling and printing on a basic level. They will discuss the history of additive manufacturing and introduce the participants to the various design software that is available online and their pros and cons. Where to download existing models and how to adjust, slice and print them.

Develop knowledge and skills by introducing the assignment to create a keychain based on their own design while keeping in mind the restrictions of the 3D printing process. In this class, we discuss overhang, support structures and different printing materials, their use cases and limitations. After printing, the models can be worked on in post production, which can be painting, glueing and sanding.

Tickets via: https://trixiethehague.stager.nl
If you can’t afford the full price ticket, drop us a line: apply@trixiethehague.nl

Date: 2 April
Location: Trixie Gallery
Teachers: Beng Yuenyong & Thijs Jaeger
*All workshops will be following the COVID-19 rules.
Requirement: Laptop with the 3D program (Blender), if you want bring paint and/or spray paint, wood filler.

We can’t wait to welcome you in Trixie! 🍰




Beng Yuenyong & Thijs Jaeger

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