Workshop // Memory and Dream: Collaborative Script-Writing

“Memory and Dream: Collaborative Script-Writing” is a workshop by visual artist Carmen Dusmet Carrasco

October 7th, 14:00—18:00
Trixie, Den Haag

How do we begin the filmmaking process? How do we start writing a script, developing characters, or considering aesthetics? What role can writing play in filmmaking?
On October 7th, Trixie member Carmen Dusmet Carrasco will lead a script-writing workshop. As a way to bring her artistic practice closer to her actual life and vice versa, she uses the workshop format as a collective research tool to explore modes of co-thinking and co-making films. Central to her practice are the notions of the ‘unreliable narrator’ and the exploration of subjective truths through our cognitive tools.
By using our memories, dreams, and inner dialogue as material in this one-day writing workshop, we will exercise surrealist and improvisation techniques to work towards a collective script for a hypothetical film.


No previous experience in anything is required, but curiosity or interest in the topics is a plus!
There are 15 spots available, you can sign up on this link.
The workshop is free of charge. More information TBA. 

This research is supported by Stroom Den Haag.

The workshop is hosted by Trixe with partial support from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.



Organised by

Carmen Dusmet Carrasco


Arianna Cavalensi