Hybrid Realms // Group exhibition

Hybrid Realms 

23 November — 3 December 2023
Opening on 23 November 18.00 – 22.00 


Group show held at Trixie with Katarina Head, Flóra Lazin, Chiel Lubbers and  Silke Riis

Tissues consisting of plant fibers, human and non/more-than-human hybrids forming to sustain life and plants overtaking environments, the works in Hybrid Realms are reacting to ecological shifts, mirrors common sci-fi motifs. Due to environmental changes these futures are closer than we often realize. The exhibition delves into the thematic exploration of biomorphic forms and an inward contemplation of materiality, uniting the practices of diverse artists. In the exhibition space their different methods of approaching the subject of human and non human life forms relationships and how they could intertwine are in dialogue with each other. The artists invite the viewer to perceive the interconnectivity of structure and identity of the human form in relation to its ecosystem in an open-ended manner. Hybrid Realms prompts us to ponder the ambiguous space in which we, along with all other life forms, exist—a realm between rigid categories. 

Jesse van der Tuuk


Weefsels van plantaardige vezels, menselijke en niet menselijke hybrides die verenigen om voort te kunnen bestaan en planten die omgevingen overwoekeren. De werken in Hybrid Realms reageren op de veranderende ecologie en spiegelen veelvoorkomende sci-fi motieven. Vanwege klimaatveranderingen zijn deze toekomstbeelden dichterbij dan wij soms denken. De tentoonstelling duikt in een thematisch onderzoek van biomorfe vormen en kijkt met een inwaartse blik naar materialiteit, waarin zij de praktijk van de betrokken kunstenaars verenigt. In de tentoonstelling komen hun verschillende benaderingen van de relatie tussen menselijke en niet menselijke levensvormen samen en hoe deze kunnen samensmelten en in dialoog staan met elkaar. De kunstenaars nodigen de bezoeker uit om met een open blik naar de verwevenheid van structuur en identiteit te kijken die de mens vormt in relatie tot haar ecosysteem. Hybrid Realms moedigt ons aan om na te denken over de tweeledige ruimte waarin wij, samen met andere levensvormen samenleven–een rijk tussen rigide categorieën. 

Jesse van der Tuuk

‘We and all other life forms exist in an ambiguous space in between rigid categories’, Timothy Morton


Katarina Head
Katarina (1998, UK) is a visual artist primarily focused on the medium of painting and combined photographic collage. Graduated from the Royal Academy of art, Den Haag with a BA in Fine Arts (2022) Based in the Netherlands and UK. Her current works revolve around the exploration of amorphic landscapes which delve into themes of figuration phantasmagoria, the interconnectedness of nature and the relations within our bizarre yet beautiful existence. Through the use of collage and painting the mediums begin to morph, merge and separate into one another; perception is blurred and limbs begin to wander.

Flóra Lazin
Flóra (1995, HU) is a 3D multi-media artist, recently graduated from Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her work is mainly in digital form using 3D image making as her main medium. She explores the natural world and translates it into the digital space. Hereby she changes the mundane, human centered perspective of the world into the hypothetical and uncanny, where she is able to speculate on more than human narratives. Her work often operates on the edge of beauty and horror, searching for an intimate balance between them. She speculates on future worlds where she reimagines the form of the human body by blurring the division between human and nonhuman, resulting in synergetic relationships governed by forces of nature.

Chiel Lubbers
As a visual artist, Chiel’s (1994, NL) motivation is built upon the embodied experience of an ‘inner-act,’ serving as a means to capture his resonance with rippled structures in the natural and agricultural landscape. His practice integrates field research and alchemical techniques, using degradable and natural substances. By dissecting, deconstructing, and translating a phenomenon or object, He seeks hidden features, capturing its potential and building poetic compositions. In his continuous project, Musculo-vegetal, Chiel engages in analogous research, delving into the parallels between fibers in plants and human muscle tissues, as he seeks to contemplate the human position in relation to non-human entities.

Silke Riis
Silke Riis (1998, DK)  is a sculptor and installation artist whose work currently revolves around speculative futures and imagined species.With her sculptures she hopes to reflect the fragility of ecosystems, while offering alternative ideas for the future. Her aim is not to educate on climate change, since she thinks we are way past the need for that, but instead offer composure in the fantasy of our demise. Inspired by rainforest plants, marine invertebrates, mold formations, as well as mythologies, paracosms and science fiction, her work has an otherworldly aesthetic.

Jesse van der Tuuk
Jesse (1996, NL) is an art historian/independent curator based in The Hague. Jesse’s practice revolves around counter-culture, ecologies and discourse surrounding (public) space.

Curated by Jesse van der Tuuk @trilljugend
Graphic design Domonkos Greskó @gresko.domo