Under a two-moon belief system no duality endures // Alice dos Reis x Leandros Ntolas

under a two-moon belief system no duality endures is the title of Alice dos Reis’ (PT/NL) first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, taking place at TR/X/E in the Hague. The conversation, led by the Hague based artist Leandros Ntolas (GR/NL), is taking us from Alice’s two video works in the exhibition to discussions about deep-sea mining and space colonization, science fiction and mythology, and the evolution and deconstruction of binary systems.


TR/X/E TALKS presents conversations between artists. Each episode introduces a different set of artists, consisting of one from the wider TR/X/E community and another from outside of the Hague (NL) who has an exhibition at TR/X/E. The conversations take place one on one, with the artist from the Hague taking the loose role of the interviewer/moderator.

TR/X/E is an artist-run initiative, studio space and gallery in The Hague. Led by a diverse group of young artists, TR/X/E encourages artistic production through collaboration and exchange.




Alice dos Reis x Leandros Ntolas

Curation and Production

Nele Brökelmann

Production Assistant

Katarina Petrović and Sóley Sigurjonsdottir

Sound Design

Henrique Gonçalves


Zeze Cordeiro

Logo design

Selina Landis and Clara Lezla